Joti Shephi Levi – Organic Gardening Teacher


Joti Shephi Levy graduated Cum Laude from Queens College with a BA in Art Education she went on to receive an MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel . Joti has been an educator for close to 2 decades. She taught 2nd grade for 3 years in New York City, taught environmental education both on the East coast and West coast, was a ropes-course facilitator, ran a school garden in Bayview/ Hunters point in San Francisco for 2 and a half years, farmed in several farms for a year and a half and ran a 6 acre farm in Sonoma. She is currently making music, running women’s programs, rock climbing , dancing and gardening .

In her words:

“I am excited to be the Garden Coordinator at Novato Charter School. It meets my philosophy of teaching, and makes good use of my education and gardening background. It is also aesthetically very appealing.

I really appreciate working in a school that values collaboration, connection to nature and is kind to students and Faculty by treating people as whole beings. It is also a privilege to work in a community that cares enough to come out to the garden and help it grow. When over 50 family members came out for the garden work day this February it was apparent that the family body was invested in this school and their children.

I also value creative thinking and believe children need this type of resilience for this changing time. At this school I see students practicing creative thinking consistently as I offer a lesson and they expand on it, adding more depth and creativity to each one.”

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