Grades 1st-5th Handwork Teacher | Jennifer Borges

In her words:

There is something so incredible about being able to teach what you love. It is also extremely gratifying to teach handwork to children, because it is much more than just an art form. Handwork strengthens a multitude of functions within us by calling on our fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, math and language skills, and by engaging both sides of the brain (since both hands work independently). It encourages concentration as well as dedication.

Once the project is complete, the affirmation of the students’ mastery is right there in front of them. Seeing first hand that sense of accomplishment in their eyes as they finish knitting their lion, or lamb, or when they grasp the technique of Kumihimo braiding or cross-stitch, is just spectacular. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to handwork inspires me.

NCS truly is a school like no other. Rather than focusing solely on the traditional course of study offered by most schools today, NCS goes further by teaching with a more hands-on approach, as well as providing a broader spectrum of life skills to its students. It is possible, for example, that anyone can learn how to knit by reading a book, but the comprehension is so much richer when you draw on those teachings and put them into action.

That to me is true knowledge.

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