Third Grade – Michael Rohner

Michael Rohner


Mr. Rohner, as the students know him, brings extensive breadth and depth from his teacher training and instructional experience both internationally and in the United States.

While we know Michael for enthusiastically spearheading our Kindergarten class, his roots are in shepherding the educational development of elementary through middle school children. Prior to joining our staff, Michael trained in Austria as a remedial teacher and as a middle school teacher, with a focus on math and music. He taught Middle School students for 8 years in both Austria and Liechtenstein.

After moving to the United States, Mr. Rohner continued his education to secure a CA State Multiple Subject Credential while furthering his Waldorf immersion as he completed the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training program. In the same way that Mr. Rohner has always urged our students to grow and explore, he too has continually sought his own continued ongoing education. He has attended repeated courses and seminars focused on child development as well as Waldorf pedagogy, movement, music and storytelling. He also volunteers to enrich our children outside the classroom, including leading our middle school woodworking elective and teaching an early science curriculum workshop.

Mr. Rohner approaches teaching both from his decades of experience as an educator as well as from his own experience as a NCS parent. In 2016, Mr. Rohner proudly watched his oldest daughter, a former student at our school, graduate pre-med from UC Berkeley. As many of you know, his younger daughter graduated from 8th Grade in June of 2016, having attended NCS since Kindergarten.

I know that Mr. Rohner’s education and experience, both professional and personal, will benefit not only the children and families in his class but also the school community at large. Last, but not least, his enthusiasm and excitement for this new beginning is contagious and inspiring.

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