First Grade – Helen Smith

Helen Smith


Ms. Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, a California Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University, and a Waldorf certification from the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Before joining NCS, she taught first and second grade for five years in an inner city public school in San Francisco.

In her words:

“From a very early age I always knew I’d be a teacher. This is my true calling. I love being around children. They have a deep connection with, and joy for life that I share.

When I worked in mainstream public schools I realized the need to teach children in a way that inspires them and provides a well-rounded, balanced education so that they not only develop the academic skills they’ll need, but know how to see beyond the material realm, how to collaborate. I can’t think of anything more important than raising human beings that have an inner guiding voice, and a true sense of who they are. Nothing is more crucial for the future of our planet and all living things.

Early on in my professional career at inner-city schools, I became intrigued by the Waldorf educational methodology and resolved to apply these methods in the public school system. I thought of how wonderful it would be for children with lesser means to benefit from this amazing approach. To have a home away from home if you will…away from the despair by which they are sometimes surrounded.

When I first visited the Novato Charter School I immediately felt the tight bond and connections holding its community together, and the pride everyone showed in what the school was accomplishing. It is amazingly well grounded and organized, which is of great relief and gives me the confidence and stability I need to do my job.

We all have our place in the world. Teaching is where I belong.”

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