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 Stacey Lisker

Stacey Lisker initially started her career in education as a specialty teacher instructing kindergarten through fourth grade students in a variety of classes at Marquez Charter School in Los Angeles. She then progressed and became a kindergarten assistant at Ocean Charter School in Los Angeles (a Waldorf inspired charter school,) in its inaugural year and was promoted to Class Teacher the following year. She was with her students for a magical four years and received her Multiple Subject Credential, attended summer trainings at Rudolf Steiner College, and was an active member of AEOE (Association for Environmental Outdoor Education.) She attended multiple workshops to further her professional development and provided both her students and faculty with support and inspiration for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to help all learners understand, appreciate and care for their environment. She then decided to devote her time to raising her children at home. She is pleased to return to the classroom and is grateful to have found her way to Novato Charter School.

In her words:

I am committed to this school because not only does it make greatness possible for others; it meets my needs for creativity, learning, contribution, and connection. I love working towards things that matter. I love to experiment with ideas that encourage a love of life and learning. My personal mission is to inspire lifelong learners, a love of reading, and the wonder at the world around! I am committed to assisting and creating an environment that excites and paves the way for children to discover their talents. Learning can be meaningful, accessible, relevant, and memorable. It can also be a skill that can continue to diversify individuals in their journeys in life.

The most important thing in teaching for me is to make a connection, to be authentic. I want to excite children about learning, exploring, and celebrating the world around them. I strive to make observations and to carefully listen to their ideas, stories, and emotions. It is with joy that I coach them through trials and delight in their triumphs. It is my belief that creativity, joy, and discipline are an integral part of learning and can be achieved with patience and persistence.

I feel so fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach at Novato Charter School. The minute I stepped onto campus and met with the administration, faculty, and students, I felt like it was a warm, supportive environment and a community that rejoiced in being together.

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