Specialty and Elective Programs

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Research shows that instrumental practice enhances coordination, concentration, and memory. At NCS, children begin to play the pentatonic flute in the lower grades, moving to advanced recorder and a variety of string instruments through the 8th grade. Learn more about why and how we teach music by clicking here. To learn more about the importance of Music Education watch this relevant interview.

Visual and Performing Arts

According to study conducted by Stanford University, children who participate in school arts programs are more likely to achieve academic success. Painting, poetry, song and drama are used daily by teachers at NCS to engage students. Students create their own main lesson books with perspective drawings, artwork, and concepts learned, making the material more personal and relevant. For a deeper look into our Performing Arts Program click here.


At NCS, basic handwork is introduced in the early grades and leads to more advanced textile work, allowing students to develop creativity, learn about the origins and essence of natural materials, and the process by which things are made. Read more about our Handwork Program.

Spanish Language

Educating children to become “Citizens of the World” with a multicultural perspective, demands instruction in – at least – a second language. Introduction to the Spanish language at NCS begins in 1st grade and continues through the 8th. Read more on our Second Language Program and Multiculturalism, and Alumni Testimonials on how well the school prepared them for Spanish in high school.

Movement and Physical Education

The overall physical health of our student body is addressed by means of a regular exercise program (led by our movement specialists) and our organic garden. Cooperation versus competition is emphasized in these activities. In the higher grades, an integrated History/Social Studies curriculum trains and prepares students for the annual Pentathlon and Medieval games, which include discus and javelin throwing and archery.


Depending on funding, most years, based on the preferences, and expressed passions of our middle school  students, several elective classes are offered. Examples include: Digital Arts, Mural Painting, Woodworking, Ceramics, Yoga, Creative Writing, Journalism, Choir, Cooking, Team Sports, Handwork.

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