Testimonials from Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, etc

Lea acá los testimonios de algunas de nuestras familias de habla hispana.

“…a place where I was permitted to be a child in my own time and at my own pace. NCS spared me from that middle school fragmentation… allowed me the wing room to grow up at my natural pace.  And perhaps most importantly, it allowed me a chance to develop a sense of wonder about the world and its ways, the chance to be a child when that was what I needed, and expand at my own pace and in my own way.  And it is this sense of a school as not just a school, but a shelter and a garden and way of being. I left the Charter School excited about the exploration of life and art and learning—I left the Charter School striving towards becoming, and remaining, whole.” Read the full testimonial here.

By the time they reach us at the college and university level, these students are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of the discoverer, and the compassionate heart of the reformer which, when joined to a task, can change the planet. Arthur Zajonc, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Amherst College. Click here for other impressions on Waldorf education by notable persons.

“This school is a little gem in the sea of public school chaos out there. Reason being is that education is presented in such away that it makes you want to be back at school learning again yourself. The school really fosters a community of diversity and a classical education you just can’t find easily these days.”

“The culture here is of care and kindness. As a new family to the school we could not feel more welcomed and cared for anywhere else.”

“I loved going to this school, it shaped me and helped me become the person I am today. It has fabulous teachers and a wonderful curriculum. It involves the arts in school which so many schools today are lacking, and helps children develop and discover who they are and be extremely proud to be that person.”

” I am impressed with the curriculum and philosophy of Novato Charter School. I have seen my two nieces thrive under a program that encourages individuality and creative growth as well as academic fundamentals. The school appears to take pride in cultivating a child’s natural abilities, strengths and interests.”

“NCS stands above all because of its uniquely integrated community of highly committed teachers, administration, parents and students. Children develop a natural love of learning while embraced by a nurturing and balanced environment. Undeniably, our children are fortunate to share in such a well-rounded educational experience which will impact their lives well into the future!”

“Novato Charter is producing very fine students and, more importantly, some wonderful young people.”

” My grandchildren live in Novato and 5 of them attend (have attended) Novato Charter School and loved it. One more darling girl to go. She will love it too. Best kindergarten program I have ever seen.”

” The Waldorf-methods used by excellent teachers and administrators prepared both my daughters to be creative, academically high achieving, and good citizens of this world.”

” Because the staff and parents all strive to bring wisdom, love, humor, discipline and creativity to the children.”

” This is the little school that could! Between the director, teachers, students and community, Novato Charter School has created a gem of an educational opportunity for students.”

” The verbal presentation skills learned by my granddaughter are still working well in college.”

” At NCS the students are encouraged to LEARN, not simply to score…and so they learn to learn and love to learn.”

” The philosophy and practices of the Novato Charter School preserve the imagination, curiosity, and love of learning that is innate in children while preparing them to be future leaders.”

” NCS provided me a safe environment, where I could learn through the use of art, music and other fabulous methods, eliminating the dependency upon text books.”

” Novato Charter is no less than amazing. We have been at the school for 11 years and I hate to think there will be a time when our kids don’t go to school there.”

” Talented, creative, and inspirational staff. Supportive parents. Fascinating, vast curriculum. Wonderful, mindful children.”

“Brilliant combination of spirit, enthusiasm, community, intellect, sustainability, music, art and science. All in a public school.”

“The teachers are loving and patient. The school grounds are inviting and beautiful. The education is supportive and energizing.”

” It’s a school with loving care and thoughts carried out every day to every student. It’s like a big family with amazing 250 siblings.”

” When you can see that your child loves her school, you really know that it is a great place!”

” This school has made a remarkable, positive difference in my granddaughter’s attitude about going to school and in her desire to relate to others – teachers and children. I’m just so happy that her parents learned about the school and that she is able to go there.”

” I can’t say how wonderful my experience at NCS was. I entered in 6th grade. I was immediately welcomed by my teacher and classmates. As for my classmates, we still meet every year. I met my best friends in 6th grade, we all went on to different high schools but I still see them every weekend. As for graduating on to high school, I couldn’t have been better prepared. When other students were struggling with writing essays or taking notes, I already knew how.”

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