On August 14, 2013 the Novato Charter School began a 3-year-long program with Dr. Kim Jon Payne, Director of the Center for Social Sustainability. Click here for additional information of the launch of the Program.

There will be many steps to the school’s Student Support Program as part of its continued efforts to strengthen its compassionate community and culture. The first step was the formation of the critical Student Support Team.

The goal is to foster an environment of openness in which children, with the support and guidance of adults, feel empowered to work through conflict. The beauty of the program is that it calls upon each individual to look within and rise to a new level of compassion and understanding.

The result is a culture where positively-guided conflict is recognized as part of the equation in the healthy development of social emotional intelligence of each student.

For the Student Support Informational Brochure CLICK HERE


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