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Parent Involvement

Parent involvement at NCS is essential. To sustain the high quality educational experience, it is necessary for each family to contribute to our school community. There are a number of ways to be involved in the life of the school.

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Class Teacher Support

Classroom support, both in and out of school, is necessary and includes participation in class projects, assisting in specialty classes, craft-making, classroom cleaning/laundry, bringing flowers, sewing and making costumes, organizing and chaperoning outdoor education trips, phone tree communication, and more.

Site Beautification and Maintenance

Playground, garden, and site development and beautification are important elements of building the Novato charter School and maintaining quality classrooms and school environments. Parents have an important and successful legacy to uphold, left behind by previous families. Watch here.

Novato Charter Board of Directors and Committees

Parent participation is also needed on the Novato Charter School Board of Directors and on various committees, including but not limited to festivals, fundraising, health and safety, and facilities planning.

Commitment to Parent Education

Parents who embrace and support the educational philosophy at home enhance the student’s learning experience at school. Parent Education Seminars are held throughout theschoolyear. Parents are expected to attend a minimum of two Parent Education Seminars each year.

Philosophy and Home Life

Our philosophy includes a commitment to understanding and nurturing each child’s unique inner development. For reasons thoroughly defined in the Media section, we believe that significantly reducing or eliminating children’s media exposure will further enhance the ability to fully develop their potential. We ask that all parents regard this matter seriously and make every effort to consciously diminish their children’s use of television, videos/DVD’s, and video/computer games. More on media click here.

Environmentally Conscious Living

The school strives to teach children to develop love and respect for the earth. Children come to learn that we are part of a much larger world community that needs to be kept in balance. Charter families can further this respect by living and modeling healthy, ecologically conscious lifestyles. Families are encouraged to recycle, teach conservation of resources, and maintain a healthy diet.


Another way that families can enhance the educational experience is to understand the importance of rhythm in children’s daily lives. Children flourish in environments that are not only loving but also orderly and predictable. With an external sense of order and routine, children feel comfortable living in the moment. Just knowing what is expected at different intervals in the day can help children to feel secure in the world.

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