“I left the Charter School excited about the exploration of life and art and learning—I left the Charter School striving towards becoming, and remaining, whole.” Read the full testimonial here. Cameron Vanderscoff, Class of 2003.

“I loved going to this school, it shaped me and helped me become the person I am today. It has fabulous teachers and a wonderful curriculum. It involves the arts in school which so many schools today are lacking, and helps children develop and discover who they are and be extremely proud to be that person.”

” NCS provided me a safe environment, where I could learn through the use of art, music and other fabulous methods, eliminating the dependency upon text books.”

I got the self-confidence to speak in public and tell my ideas clearly and convincingly.” Will Morris, Class of 2012

We learned how to treat others and the earth with respect. I see many people who don’t know how to do this.”  Lexi Olmholt, Class of 2012

We learned how to collaborate through doing plays and projects like the cob oven.” Ian Rutherford, Class of 2012

I learned so much from our field trips. I never realized that other kids in other schools didn’t do field trips the way we did.” Jensen Neff, Class of 2012

I learned the importance of relationships. We went through many changes in our relationships over the 10 years we were together. Through the hard times, we still stayed in relationship.” Jeremy Leary, Class of 2012

We learned to be creative.” Bente Jansen, Class of 2012

We learned history in detail and in depth. I see that I have a greater understanding than many of my high school classmates.” Jack Williams, Class of 2012


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