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The Novato Charter School is a unique, creative, and beautiful environment. The classrooms, gardens, and play areas allow children to experience the richness of their own inner world, while feeling an excitement for, and a sense of belonging to the external world.

We strive to create and maintain an environment that expresses an appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity. Classrooms change throughout the school year to reflect seasonal and curricular themes.

The upper grade classrooms richly reflect the ongoing cultural, historical, and academic themes of the curriculum. The lower grade classrooms will have a nurturing and magical ambience which supports the young child’s transition from home to school. Pastel colors, lighting softened with draped fabrics, and play spaces integrating folklore and the natural elements of the season are used to accomplish this. In Kindergarten, the smell of fresh baked goods for snack time and singing voices for gentle guidance allow the children to experience their environment with all of their senses.

The Novato Charter School has a commitment to using natural and high-quality products, such as art materials, toys, books, and cleaning and building supplies in every area of the school. The use of natural products supports and enhances the children’s inner connection with the Earth and with their ongoing responsibility as caretakers of the Earth.

Emphasis is placed on eating wholesome, healthy foods while celebrating festivals, birthdays and other special events. Families are encouraged to place importance on good nutrition with a commitment to low-sugar foods. Lunches are brought in sacks, lunch boxes or baskets devoid of media symbols and characters.

We aim to create and maintain a calm and artful environment which stimulates each child’s distinctive strengths and qualities, thereby allowing their academic abilities to blossom.

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