Novato Charter School is a community of parents and teachers using educational methods that nurture and inspire creativity, critical thinking, and motivated learning. As an institution committed to educating the whole child, the school endeavors to foster the unfolding of each child’s full potential. Guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf education, integrated with current best educational practices and State standards, our teachers nurture the imagination in the early years in order to build a foundation for abstract thinking. The child’s intellect is appropriately challenged in the middle years and through 8th grade. This education places equal emphasis on a solid academic foundation, artistic expression, social/emotional development, and attention to the inner life of the child. An integrated project-based approach to learning emphasizes the child’s relationship to the natural world thereby promoting respect for the environment and humankind. The goal of the Novato Charter School is to nurture the whole child with the objective of enabling students to become self-motivated, competent life-long learners.

The Novato Charter School is based upon:

  • A developmental approach
  • A classical and innovative education
  • A strong sense of community
  • A high degree of parent participation
  • A close, long term relationship with teachers
  • Cooperative learning among peers
  • A strong focus on respect, responsibility and compassion

The school’s organic garden provides all of our children with the invaluable opportunity to help nurture and care for the environment, and is central to our curriculum. Our festivals relate to the growing cycle and the seasons of the year. In this way, our school community feels a part of the world we live in. Children feel their importance in both their environment and their community. We believe that integrating imagination and the arts with academics, infuses the spirit of learning with meaning and integrity. The Novato Charter School combines natural science with organic gardening and recycling. Language Arts is combined with music and form drawing. Strong academic knowledge and problem solving skills come through hands-on involvement. Assessment is performance based. The curriculum is not driven by standardized testing. Parent involvement includes a strong parent education program, and an active effort to limit children’s exposure to commercial media images.

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