Refinement – noun  re·fine·ment \ri-ˈfīn-mənt\

: the act or process of improving something


Novato Charter School Core Values
Respect ~ Collaboration ~ Developmental Approach ~
Creativity and the Art of Teaching ~ Accountability

We are committed to ensuring that Public Waldorf Education is ever-evolving and continuously renewed through practice, research, observation and active reflection. We see our school as a learning community that cultivates a love of lifelong learning and self-knowledge. In many ways it begins with the teachers’ love of learning. Teachers reflect regularly on their observations of students and of the educational process. In this way they can be responsive to the students’ needs, readiness for new learning, and skill development in designing their instruction. This ongoing process ensures that the curriculum is continuously enlivened to best meet the changes in the world and the students in the classroom.

The Waldorf-inspired approach extends its focus beyond providing students with specific knowledge and skills to prepare them for college and career, yet also prepares children for meaningful lives in the broadest sense by developing them for physically, socially, artistically, and cognitively meaningful engagement with the world.

It is essential that teachers continuously expanding their knowledge of best curricular practices to develop each student’s unique capacities and ultimately work towards positive social change. We want to nurture individuals to have self-awareness and social competence; academically informed, independent thinking; the initiative and confidence necessary to transform intentions into realities; an interest in the world so they will be able to participate meaningfully in society.

To that end we want to provide the teachers with purposeful and meaningful professional development opportunities that reflect our core values and address the demands of an ever-changing world.  The teachers have identified several programs:

Professional Development for classroom and specialty teachers ~ $25,600
The Art of Teaching
– Mathematics training and materials (Making Math Real)
– Annual Alliance Conference at Steiner College
– English Language Arts teacher and staff training to include remediation and materials in researched-based systems such as the “Sonday System

And to support the teachers in their work…
help furnish a future teacher work room
(facilities funding from local and state bonds expected to provide building) ~ $18,000
– Computers (4)                                – Printer
– Copier                                               – Furniture

Total Cost:  $43,600
Refinement Campaign!

 (1) If you are planning on attending the EG Gala on March 18, you will be able to contribute to the Fund in Need during the evening.


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