finishing touches

Finishing Touches

In 2013, our community came together and decided it was time for a Campus Renaissance. In less than three years, with generous contributions from parents and grandparents, outside grants, corporate sponsorships, donated building materials, and the characteristic resolve of our many parent volunteers, we first transformed a barren wasteland on the West Side into a place of beauty and creative play—a dream that our community had deferred for more than a decade! This was followed by the beautification of our center courtyard, the amazing renovation of the NCS Sports Zone, and the beginnings of a beautiful entrance to our campus.

We are almost done!

To complete this amazing renaissance we need to apply the Finishing Touches. The exterior of our school will reflect the new life within our school as we apply a new coat of paint to all the buildings. We will complete the beautification of our campus entrance with trellises and benches, and beautify the areas between the restrooms to match the aesthetics of our campus. Your child’s energy can be focused in Movement Class even on a rainy day with the installation of a large shade structure in the Sports Zone.

We know that the education of the whole child happens not only in the classroom but also as they interact with each other during recess. Providing them with a beautiful and safe place is a key piece to their education. Our efforts will be focused on the final piece of the Middle School Hangout, constructing an arbor over their benches as well as completing the fence around the Sports Zone (aka ‘The Wave’).

Thank you for your investment in each child!

VIEW our detailed proposal.

Our generous and longstanding supporters at Morton & Bassett Spices once again are rallying behind our 2016 Fund in Need by challenging our community to seize a dollar-for-dollar grant of up to $20,000!! Our school cannot afford to leave any part of this amazing offer on the table.

Projected Total Cost: $ 90,000


(1) If you are planning on attending the EG Gala on March 19, you will not only have privilege of watching the premiere of NCS’ newest video, but of contributing to the Fund in Need during the evening.


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